The Rules Mark 1

malletskullGet the Rulebook for Killer Croquet here

Rule books have two primary goals.
1. Make sure the game is played correctly.
2. Make sure the players can easily understand every part of the game.

It can certainly be a juggling act, because every word carries importance to how the game is played.

“Roll the die and move your piece that many spaces”
“Roll the dice and move you piece exactly that many spaces”
“Roll the dice and move you piece up to that many spaces”

Are very different things, both in terms of how the game is played, as well as the clarity of the rules.

At this point I’m very satisfied with the game the rules describe, but a writer is never satisfied with how clear their writing is.

Readers are never 100% reliable, a perfect rule-book will still be misread. The vast majority of games are taught by word of mouth rather than each player reading each and every word of the rule book. This makes it incredibly important that rules are concise and easy to understand.

With Killer Croquet, I’ve kept the rules to two pages, and grouped the information in such a way to anticipate questions players would have. Even in uploading the first draft I’m itching to revise and refine the rules.

Expect a video tutorial soon as well.

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