$5 Croquet Spectator Tier


At the $5 tier, you’ll have full access to all digital rewards

-HiRes Print & Play Files
-Digital Concept Art Sketches
-Croquet Digital Art Package
-Access to Member’s only Story Information

Killer Croquet is a game that is absolutely drenched in story elements. From the characters and their back stories, to the podcast detailing the story as it unfolds. Hours and hours have gone into building the world of Killer Croquet, and this tier lets you get into that narrative. You get all the digital files that went into the creation of Killer Croquet, as well as the results from the Killer Croquet Art Contest!

You’ll also get exclusive story elements, companion interviews that go alongside the Pall Mall podcast, you’ll get a full looks at the characters motivations, their secret passions, and learn why they do what they do. Also if you want to know the ultimate, secret goal of the shadow organization known as the Pall Mall, this tier is necessary.

Any backer who donates above this tier will receive this tier as well.

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