Killer Croquet: My First Kickstarter

Killer Croquet has hit the point where I have decided to Kickstart it. This will be my first Kickstarter, so I am planning the whole thing out way ahead of time. I’ve been involved in the Board Game Industry for a few years now, and I’ve gathered more than enough information to do a Kickstarter right. Theoretically.

Obviously there are always things you can’t account for in such a complex venture; therefore I need to do everything in my power to put odds in my favor.

You’ll start hearing a lot more as I progress through my plan, I intend to be completely transparent in my process. Hopefully, if I’m successful this will act as a trail for others to follow.

The Kickstarter is slated to launch in September of this year. I’m giving myself a good 6 months to promote the game before launching.

To Give you a brief idea of my promotion timeline, it roughly correlates to a series of opportunities at local conventions and events.

    Local Game Showcase (March)

    Anime Boston (March)

    PAX East (April)

    New England Gaming Con (May)

    Local Game Showcase (May)

    GenCon (August)

    PAX Prime (September)

    Boston Festival of Indie Games (September)

Conventions are a small, but important, part of the promotion of a board game. Part of my 6 month timetable is to hit as many of those conventions as is prudent. Giving myself both a chance to reach the public and follow up with opportunities that follow with a convention.

This timeframe also gives me plenty of time to take care of business concerns and paperwork. It can take over a month to get the paperwork processed to authorize your Kickstarter. The key is to move quickly and early to ensure everything is taken care of on that all important “launch day”.

To quote an associate, I’m being completely transparent so that you can see how the “game sausage is made”.

Feel free to follow my process at this blog.

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