Board Game Box Mock Up

Though all the pieces are still coming together, it is nice to put together mock ups from time to time of what you expect the final product to look like. So here is a glimpse at the Killer Croquet Box of the Future!!
The final box art is likely to change, as is the shape and size of the box, but it is still a very pretty image to look at, especially as I arrange the price quotes I’m starting to receive from manufacturers.

This image is helpful for a lot of things. Board Game Geek listings almost require an image of the board game in box form. It was also the lynchpin in a new splash page I put together for Killer Croquet.

It seems pretty silly to take art and slap it onto a cgi box, but it actually has immediate and positive psychological effects on the intended audience.

First, the image immediately lets your intended audience know that you are making a board game. Not every piece of box art screams “board game” and when your art is circulating forums and social media you want a board gamer to be able to spot your image as a board game from a glance.

Secondly, it gives the psychological feeling that the game is already finished and polished (which Killer Croquet mostly is). You want the audience to feel like the game is so close they can almost touch it. Even though it’ll take a successful Kickstarter and several months of production, months of manufacturing, and an incredible amount of shipping time before the game has the chance to become real.

Lastly, this is a chance for your board game to look its best, or even better than it’s best. I’ve seen a few images that look like the “ideal board game”, perfectly lit giving off a kind of internal glow as though it resonated with ancient power. Looking polished will cast a friendly light on the gameplay and theme that can only help a game.

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