Croquet Charity Ball

20140708-133626.jpg I am hosting a charity fundraiser for the Graves Disease Foundation which will culminate in a Croquet Ball Event in Boston on August 9th.

You can donate directly to the Graves Disease Foundation (and mark “on behalf of Croquet Event”) or through our Crowd Rise Page!

The more money we raise, the more wacky we’ll make the Croquet Event, we’ll film it, and release the video in mid-September.

donationgoallevelsA full list of Donation Goals is listed below and will be updated as we reach our goals. You can check our FaceBook Page to get the latest updates, and attend our little Croquet Ball if you are in the area!



$50 Poison Rules: Once you hit the end post you can knock out an opposing ball to get an opponent out.


obstacle$100 Obstacles: We introduce the Gauntlet of Cardboard redirection devices.


$150 Silly Hats: Our croquet athletes will be required to wear outlandish headwear.


$200 Danger Croquet: Flag Football meets Croquet. Each player has 3 flags, lose all three and you lose your next turn.


$250 Ball Goblins: Extra players will be introduced, attempting to swipe and move balls when no one is looking.


$300 Special Powers: Each player will receive a special power that will influence their abilities throughout the course of the game.


$350 Silly Costumes: Each croquet athlete will be dressed in full attire for the croquet game.


win$400 Secret Win Conditions: Each player will receive a special card with special conditions, if those conditions are ever met, they win immediately.


$450 Character Biographies: More than costumes, each athlete will be given a complete persona to enact over the course of the game.


money$500 Money Bags: Each player will earn Monopoly money throughout the course of the game, that they can spend to kick Croquet balls.


level2??? Level 2: Once we reach the $500 level, we’ll release a whole new set of Donation Goals to make the game even more crazy!

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