The World of Killer Croquet Villains: GloboLawn

In a world where Croquet matters more than every other professional sport combined, there will always be corporate villains seeking to gain power through controlling those games.

The biggest scandal in the last ten years fell upon the heads of the Globo Lawn Corporation. They touted that their synthetic grass was the only professional grade of worthy quality for the ICA games. Their synthetic grass covered a majority of ProCroquet Stadiums, but they sought full control of the market. Through coercion and bribery, they steered most big name athletes away from stadiums that used product other than GloboLawn Synthetic Grass; a clear violation of ICA rules and regulations. Their sponsored athletes would compete for spots at opposing stadiums, win and then drop out of the competition. Most nefariously, many athletes that refused to comply with GloboLawn’s demands would end up injured or embroiled in controversy.

Fans follow the biggest names, and the money follows the fans. So over the course of years, GloboLawn was able to secure an ever larger share of the market, pushing out smaller companies, and driving the sod farming industry to the brink of extinction.

Ten years ago, the young croquet superstar from Georgia, Hank Spectre, returned to the game for the express purpose of cleaning up corruption in the game. Working directly with the Croquet Information Agency and the ICA Corporate Crimes Division, Spectre entered a competition route that would only have him play at Stadiums that still refused to go GloboLawn.

Some of the games from that series were some of the most impressive and technically complex games that had been seen in decades. Off the grass, we saw more than a little dirty dealings. More than one attempt on Spectre’s life was made, but as Spectre survived, he thrived, and inspired more Croquet athletes to his cause.

The series culminated in a match between Hank Spectre and his former teammate, GloboLawn’s ace in the hole Bill Wizard. The match was tense, and, with the whole world watching Hank Spectre emerged victorious. That victory and the repercussions that followed left GloboLawn vulnerable, and the ICA Corporate Crimes Division was able to mop things up neatly.

Good Guys won, bad guys lost, and for a second time, Hank Spectre saved the world of professional Croquet.

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