Character Spotlight: Hitoru Wakanabe


Hitoru Wakanabe is a Japanese Mega Pop Star. When he’s not shredding on his guitar to the infinite squealing of fangirls, he is saving Tokyo from giant monsters as the lead man for the Sport Science Action Team: Japan’s league of super heroes.

When the existence of Super Heroes went public after the events of World War II, they formed a Croquet League of their own to show the world that they’re human just like everyone else (except for the Silver Mallet who is an alien, and the Daring Crow-quet who is a hyper intelligent Raven in a robot suit)

As a rule, the corporate world is far removed from the Croquet Supers League, but nations consider it a point of personal pride to have themselves represented. Hitoru was part of an Adventure Science Team tasked with locating artifacts of power in and around Japan. After a harrowing bout of fighting Orgres in the sub-system of cave networks beneath the island of Megijima, Hitoru managed to find the fabled Uchide Kouzuichi and save his team from destruction.

The Uchide Kouzuichi, also known as “the lucky mallet”, allows Hitoru to transform into the 100 foot tall Kouzuichi Wakaman, and he uses this immense power to defend Tokyo from giant monsters and natural disasters. The hammer also turns into a totally sweet guitar.

Hitoru comes into conflict with an entire rogues gallery of croquet themed villains, and consistently ranks #1 in the Supers Croquet League. With a massive following, it seems like everything he touches turns to gold. The tabloids are abuzz about his life and the life of his girlfriend, famed micro-roboticist Pauline Taru, who make a whirlwind romance, and a great rescue story.

Despite the best security, one of Hitoru’s enemies routinely kidnaps Pauline and whisks her away as part of their latest schemes. Hitoru rescues her is a dashing display of heroism, but it isn’t long before she’s missing again. Rumor has it that the villains have setup a waiting list. If you’re looking to kidnap Hitoru’s girlfriend, you ought to make a reservation at least 6 months in advance.

The most notorious villain on Hitoru’s roster is the Evil Dr. Wicketachi, a bioengineer who routinely unleashes geneically altered giant monsters to wreak Havok on Tokyo while he enacts some heinous scheme (usually kidnap Pauline).

Wicketachi had been on a similar team, attempting to engineer a way to get Japan to the top of the Supers Croquet League, but with Hitoru’s discovery Wicketachi’s entire body of work became meaningless. As such, he’s devoted his life to destroying Hitoru and Japan.

In his latest scheme, Wicketachi bioengineered giant mallet faced Flamingos to crush Tokyo flat, while simultaneously using giant hedghogs to burrow a network of caves beneath Tokyo and kidnap Pauline. Hitoru was easily able to fend off the flammingos, using one AS a mallet and launching a volley of hegdehogs through the tunnel network to flush out the evil Doctor. It seemed like the usual Wednesday, until the most unexpected thing happened. Defeated, Dr. Wicketaci smiled grimly, and whispered into Hitoru’s ear,

“Your Princess is in another castle. . .”

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