Kickstarter Approval Process

20140805-120310.jpg I just received approval by Kickstarter to launch my campaign, smooth sailing, no problems, a solid month before I plan to go live.

I need approval?
With the Potato Salad Kickstarter getting a lot of press, you’re likely to believe anything can be approved for Kickstarter. With a few exceptions, this is mostly true, and in my case approval was a simple overnight process. However, it is super important to get it done early in case there is some sort of problem.

Kickstarter Basics

Before you get your Kickstarter up and running there are a small handful of things you need to make sure that you do.

Setup an Amazon Account to receive payments. The approval process for this can take up to a week if there are no problems, and I’ve heard that it is not uncommon to take two weeks.

Create a draft of your campaign.  Go to Kickstarter, and put up all the information you have. It doesn’t need to be fancy, and doesn’t necessarily need a video. Get your basic plan up, and your general rewards. Everything can be modified before you go live.

Submit your Campaign for Approval. If everything else has gone smoothly, this shouldn’t take more than a few days, but if your campaign hits any kind of snag, it can take a week or two to get settled.

-Launch: After you complete the above steps, you can then launch your campaign whenever you like.

If you’re planning a Kickstarter, there’s no reason to wait for these things, and if you procrastinate it can mean a major stumble when you try and get the Kickstarter going.

You can find more infromation about how to accomplish those things by going to this link:

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