Character Spotlight: Mahue Malea

Beyond the reach of modern man, deep in the Patagonian Mountain Ranges is a hidden civilization, a warrior-woman culture centered on the art of playing Croquet, the Mictiotl

Locals never see them, but there are innumerable folk takes about the Cihateteo, divine spirits of women that had died in childbirth, that protect young girls in the surrounding regions of Argentina and Chile.

Behind the legend is a hidden culture that has survived since Aztec times. The Mictiotl name is derived from the Nahuatl Language, meaning God Slayer, and comes from the culture’s foundational myth.

Long ago, a young woman was captured by the Aztec Empire to be sacrificed to the god Quetzcotl on an unusual festival day. When the high priest cut out her still beating heart, she saw the god descend upon her, but with a single fist raised against the heavens, she stared him in the eyes and declared aloud,


This so tickled the God that he made a deal with the mortal: a game of skill for control of her destiny. He took her up to the realm of the gods to play “Ollamalletzeotle” or the God’s Game. As Quetzcotl described the game, of using a mallet to pass a ball through a series of stone hoops, the girl realized that she likely could not defeat a god at his own game, and only had one chance to claim her destiny.

She exclaimed to the god that she did not have her own mallet, and that, if the god was fair, he would lend his to her. The god considered this thoughtfully, and agreed.

The moment Quetzcotl relinquished the hammer, the girl struck him in the face with it and again in the back of the head. While he was stunned, she struck him down and smote him into ruin.

She returned to her body, punched the high priest in the balls, and, using his own knife, she cut out his heart and ate it.

This fearsome figure then freed the other women who would be sacrificed, and led them out and beyond the reach of the Aztec Empire, and the annals of history


Princess Mahue Malea is the direct descendant of the girl from the myth, and leader of the Mictiotl culture. In modern day, the Mictiotl have practiced the game of Ollamalletzeotle into a martial art. As part of their tradition, the Mictiotl remove a breast so that they might improve their swing. They take the sport very seriously, lest the Slain God returns.

Mahue has always enjoyed a good challenge since she was a small girl, but since she has inherited the mantle of leadership she hasn’t felt the rush of impossible odds. She has begun to feel smothered by the mundanity of rule and how everything stays the same.

But it seems a stranger has penetrated into their hidden city, and everything is about to change.

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