Character Spotlight: Thor Odinson

No one is sure where this individual who calls himself Thor came from, nor can anyone vouch for his claim to being the God of Thunder.

Thor, himself, cares not for the questions or incredulity of the mortals of Midgard nor the media circus that has surrounded his appearance. He is on a quest from the All-Father, and let’s very little distract him from his path.

And apparently that path has him carving a swath of vigilante justice through the Croquet Criminal underground. Since his arrival, he has broken up a dozen criminal rings connected with drug trafficking, ICA tournament fraud, and has even disrupted a enriched uranium trade that would have put Nuclear Power Cores in the hands of Evil Japanese Scientist, Dr. Wicketachi. Hitoru Wakanabe, Japan’s premier super hero declines comment on a team up with Thor.

Thor, however, is not here for the “good of mankind”. As he described on a brief television appearance on the “It’s Goddam Late” Show with Craig Whackerman, Thor seeks another god from Norse mythology who has stolen an artifact of great power. This “god of mischief” appears to be in league with a shadow organization at the root of all the nefarious dealings in the croquet world.

When asked why he doesn’t fly or shoot lightning, Thor explained that he has adopted a mortal form for his mission is one of reconnaissance. If he had access to his true godlike visage, he would be very visible, and his enemies would be able to continue to hide from him. He also said he’s trying to keep the property damage to a minimum.

Following that, an audience member said his long hair made him look like a woman, and Thor threw his hammer through a wall and started a riot in the audience. And THEN the ninjas showed up.

Thor uses his legendary hammer Mjolnir, duct taped to a broomstick, as a mallet as he penetrates deeper beneath the layers of illegal croquet bloodsports. He’s in for a surprise, as the dark heart pulsing at the core of this mystery is gladly expecting him.

Last week Thor dropped off the radar entirely, the Pall Mall wonders if he will find quite what he is looking for.

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