Deviant Art Contest

Last month we ran a Fancy Croquet Art Contest, we had some great entries, but these three really stood out for this particular contest!

If you are interested, we are in the middle of our latest art contest! You can find the details here

The Winner of the Fanciest of Fancy Croquet by Dancing-Koi

This Piece really captured the idea behind modern Croquet for me. Our Croquet darling here is wearing the outfit of the sort of society class that spawned Croquet, the concept of a refined game for refined people, but the torn sleeve and black glove reject the custodians of the old world (In many circles wearing a glove for croquet is considered uncouth). However, the rebellion against fashion is made so that she might play Croquet better, the statement she makes is a war on the elitist culture that surrounds croquet, but not on the game itself, and that is primarily true with the appearance of the tattoo, truly expressing an intense passion for Croquet, embracing the cutthroat, primal nature truly inherent to the game. This is the face of the Croquet of Today: Croquet Forever.

Yuuike Created this art and was a runner-up in the Fanciest of Fancy Croquet Art Contest.

Roman is a character from yuuike‘s Gates of Sirona series. I’m a sucker for Chibi, and I’ll admit it, but pay close attention to the intensity of Roman’s outfit, and the detail that particularly went into the belt buckle. It is very much a royal outfit with bold lines and intense contrast. You can get a sense of militant background to this noble family, particularly with the shoulder pads. However, with his shirt undone, you can tell that there is more than a little conflict between the character’s persona and his family. That’s more than evident in his non-plused expression, and incredibly deep eyes. This piece struck me for it’s use of subtle costume clues to imbue a surprising depth of character.

I can only imagine how tense a Croquet Match must be in Roman Croquet’s Family Manor.

Runner up for The Fanciest of Fancy Croquet Art Contest Created by Tungoctri

I was immediately struck by the absurd nature of this piece. The little floating droids, reminiscent of Eve from WallE, having what appears to be a very intense game of Croquet. The light, shadows, and colors in this piece are very striking, but what is even more striking is some of the little nuances of this piece that tell an interesting story. There’s only one ball, and only one mallet, so are these little robots playing a game, or did they stumble across some artifacts? But they brought their own lights, which means they are on the lawn for a reason. One robot plays, while the others watch, are they judging? Or, like WallE, is this that turning moment when a robot really awakens to it’s true sentience. This piece gets major points for suggesting that the technological singularity occurs with a game of Croquet.

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