$60 Croquet Professional Tier


T9000he Croquet Professional Tier comes with the Wacky Wicket Mini-Expansion and the Game Designer promo pack.

The Wacky Wicket Expansion adds additional Mallet Cards that give players additional special abilities and an additional traps (razor blades, flame throwers, etc) to give the game a real cutting edge.

The Game Designer Promo Pack features additional characters from other board games, each with a special abilities. More Information coming soon!mjollnir - Copy


The Wacky Wicket Mini Expansion adds a few more elements to the game that give it a renewed vitality and flavor.


The first of which is the addition of an extra set of traps, the base game comes with traps on the reverse sides of the wickets and one set of traps, but the mini expansion adds an additional set of razor blades, flamethrowers, and conveyor belts, to really make for a violent course. wicket3


Mallet Cards

The next major element is the addition of mallet cards, each character has two specific ones, at the beginning of the game they secretly select one and discard the other. We’re still working on the final art and graphic design of these cards, but the idea is to give each player the choice of how they want to play the game, giving each character more leeway into choices between utility and combat.

Advanced Collision Cards

The latest addition to the Wacky Wicket Expansion is the advanced collision card deck. 10 Additional cards with new mechanics that can be shuffled in with the old cards. They maintain the same ratio of hits, and while this does make the collision deck a little less predictable, it does add a lot more zany fun elements to shake players up.

Many advanced cards have a Push mechanic, where if they collide with an opposing ball, the opposing ball bounces off in a new direction one space. Pushed balls do not draw for new collisions when they enter a space.


There are also two special cards with novel mechanics. The Billiard Shot stops your ball, and the opposing ball continues moving, in this case you do draw for collisions as though you hit the opposing ball. The Spin Shot is the first instance of a collision card that offers a choice, giving players a rare opportunity to control the destination of their ball through a wicket.



expansioncards-13Lastly we have the Vorpal Shot card which does an additional damage when colliding with players. This applies to both hitting a player with a mallet or a ball. Which can make a lucky shot all the more potent, or make a poison player all the more dangerous.






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