Designer Diary: Eureka Puzzles

When I first settled down after College into Boston, a few years ago, I sought out the biggest board game shop I could find, and applied for a job. Since then, I’ve run years worth of weekly game nights.

I’d played a bunch of game in college with like minded board gamers, fairly heavy Euro Games or highly competitive thematic games.

The crowd at Eureka is oriented more towards families, however, and it’s been a fantastic learning experience understanding what games to teach and how to teach them to folks that are really interested in games, but have a different experience than I do  (or sometimes none at all)

You learn a lot about patience and the meaning of words when you teach games, and at Eureka I taught a lot of games. I was given a full catalog of demo copies, and a crowd willing to play them.

Eureka is a fantastic store, and the staff really pride themselves on knowing board games. In today’s board game ecosystem, they make sure that if you go out of your way to buy local, you get the combined experience of several gamers to point you in the right direction.

I learned a lot at Eureka, but one thing that really stood out, is the feeling you get when you watch someone master a game and really get into it. I knew that gaming was where I wanted to go with my life, but watching a kid really grasp 7 Wonders or Forbidden Desert for the first time? That’s what it’s really all about, that joy and engagement with the world of the game. It’s why I’m designing Killer Croquet, and it’s why I consider myself a Game Designer.

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