Killer Croquet Tiers

Here is a List of the different tiers available for the Killer Croquet Kickstarter.

Click for more information.

$5 Croquet Spectator Tier: Digital Packagespectator$15 V.I.P. Tier: Merch Packagevip$40 Croquet Player Tier: The Game!player$60 Croquet Professional Tier: The Gamer’s Packagepro$70 Croquet Super Fan Tier: The Storytime Packagesuperfan$100 Croquet Patron Tier: The Everything Packagepatron$150 Pall Mall Member: The Mentor’s Packagepallmallmember$200 Pall Mall Operative Tier: The Active Packagepallmallop$300 Croquet Super Store Tier: The Retail PackageIf you are an interested retail store, get in touch with me at theauthorm (at) gmail (dot) comretail$1,000 Croquet Deity Tier: The Divine Tierdeity

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