Board Game CrossOver: Battle Merchants

In a Fantasy Realm, war is ever present between the Elves and the Dwarves and the Goblinoid races, and where there is war, there is money to be made in selling weapons as Battle Merchants.

Max’s Metalwurx was one of the more profitable companies at the turn of the second age, but his weapons were a little too effective and his profits sagged in the resulting peacetime. Seeking to pad his bottom line, he sought to repurpose some of his Vorpal War Hammers into something for the entertainment market.

Vorpal Croquet Mallets for “Orcquet” were a big hit, and he quickly made a handy sum, despite his competitors ire. One day he was approached by a stranger, who claimed to represent a large Croquet organization, in need of a massive order of Vorpal Mallets. An order way larger than Max had means to produce, but that didn’t stop him from accepting their order with payment up front. Pad a few boxes here, lie about missing crates there, Max chuckled, what’s the worse that could happen?

maxcardThe Pall Mall didn’t appreciate his deception, so now Max Metalwurx is the latest contender in Killer Croquet .


Battle Merchants is the first of our Board Game Cross Over Promo Cards. Max of Max’s Metalwurx angered the wrong people and is now playing for his life, but should he win our little game, he’ll have business beyond his wildest dreams.

If you enjoy a little war profiteering, you should take a look at Gil Hova‘s awesome game, Battle Merchants

This is part of the $60 Croquet Professional Tier for the Killer Croquet Kickstarter, along with more to come.

Max is no stranger to instigating a little violence, and his special ability allows him to profit from it.

War Profiteer: When an opponent attacks another opponent, take the Roquet token. You can take it from someone, and it can be taken from you if someone else earns a roquet.

This means that depending on how violent your game is, Max can begin his turn with the Roquet Token, which will give him an additional two actions. Max might even sweeten the deal by knocking down some of your opponents hit points for you.

I had the chance to play Battle Merchants for the first time, this past GenCon with Gil Hova, the designer. A great guy, with a fantastic game. You can really tell that Battle Merchants is a finely balanced game, and it has a really unique theme. I saw those fantastic characters, and immediately wanted to feature them in Killer Croquet.

Battle Merchants was put out by Minion Games, and James Mathe is a fantastic guy who has provided a ton of resources to Game Designers. They’re actually currently running a Kickstarter for a fantastic Exploding Pirate Ship Cooperative Game! You should definitely check out Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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