The Jacqui Davis Boxart


I’d sort of realized in all the hullabaloo of getting the Kickstarter up off the ground, that I’ve not completely blanketed everything in this beautiful box art by Jacqui Davis, she did an amazing job taking my basic designs and really, really making them look amazing!

If you’re not familiar with Jacqui Davis, she’s done some of the amazing art for some of the games below.

Quite frankly, she’s a treasure, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make their game art explode with character.

I discovered Jacqui Davis when I was on a panel with Daniel Solis, and he absolutely raved about her. I saw the art she produced for Belle of the Ball, and the way it was all at once whimsical, identifiable, and “fancy schmancy”.

Since a good deal of the humor of Killer Croquet comes from the fact that it takes the Fanciest of Fancy Lawn Games and turns it into a violent bloodsport. I knew those were the three major things I needed from an artist to really jive with the aesthetic that would work with the game.

Jacqui Davis was an obvious choice for me, but she really does have quite a range and understanding of color and shading, I would recommend her highly for any project.

You can check out her website, and more of her artwork at the following link!

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