Why a Mallet? Everybody needs a Mallet

What’s Croquet without a mallet?  Everybody needs a mallet, it’s a whole thing.

When approaching character creation, I looked for ideas about iconic hammers / mallets that existed in pop culture and mythology. Three stood out pretty immediately to me. Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir, the Hammer from Soviet Iconography, and the “Lucky Hammer” Kouzuichi Uchide from Japanese Mythology. The backstory that is wrapped up in those mallets, quickly worked itself into the Killer Croquet Mythos. Marianna’s Soviet Prototype needed a bit of tweaking, it contains the actual hammer within it, and the mallet is a casing, modeled roughly off of the iconic Soviet AK-47.

mjollnir - Copy morot kouzuichi


I really liked the international feel I was jiving from those first three hammers. Three very different types of myths, Nordic Pantheon, Soviet Propaganda, and Japanese Folktale. For the next three hammers I tried to continue along that trajectory. With Thor providing precedent for Gods playing Croquet, I wanted to get other cultures in on the act. South America and Quetzalcoatl seemed a solid idea, plus I already wanted a Croquet Amazon, and enough misinformation to combine those ideas to get Mahue’s backstory. I liked the idea of a Mayan calendar on the side of a stone mallet, and it seemed to jive with the doom vibe. Hank Spectre was a pretty solid character by that point, half ghost, beat the devil, hubris, soul bound to the mallet, and all that. Creating a Mallet out of a rod iron cage that would contain Spectre’s soul, seemed fitting from a graveyard sense, but because he encountered the Devil, and not a Demon, otherwise the hammer would have had to have been made of silver (D&D joke, sorry)


dusklight  mahuemallet9000


But with Christian occult and general horror covered, and plenty of international myth covered, the last character logically would have to be Science Fiction, and really Steampunk is the “fancy” version of SciFi, thus was born Galita with a boiler for a hammer, powered by crystallized ‘hammer energy”. The thematic nature of these mallets, and their relation to their owners informed the different player abilities. I’ll be posting more on that is the coming days.

But there is also a greater reason, why individuals with incredibly iconic meta-magical croquet mallets would be brought together in a Croquet bloodsport, but that is a story for another time.

Muahahahahahahahahahaahahahah. . . .


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