Hank Spectre’s Mallet: Dusklight


Hank Spectre’s character resolves around two major points: his victory against Maletrov in the “Miracle on Grass” Olympic Games continuing to his subsequent rise to greatness in Pro Croquet, and then his subsequent fall from grace in beating the Devil, blaspheming, and then having his soul bound to his mallet.

His mallet design reflects the torment he endures and the corruption of his spirit. He moves forward and tries to redeem himself, but the mallet is still very much a mark of his doubt and self loathing. He is a man of regrets, and wishes he had done things differently, despite the great deal of good that he has done.

dusklightHank’s special ability “Spectre Touch” allows him to redirect his ball or to reroll his dice. This actually allows the player to second guess themselves, and attempt to play where they have a bit more control over their own actions. Also, as an old Croquet Professional, it was important to give Hank a “utility” power, as opposed to a “combat” power, as he is one of the better “athletes” on the field.


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