Board Game Crossover: alakaSLAM

If you look deeply into the world, you’ll find that there are many interesting sports that are taken up by interesting folks, and if you come across a wizard, you might be surprised to find he or she has a propensity for Tennis, serving up an alakaSLAM.

There is a country club, owned by Hank Spectre’s estranged olympic teammate Bill Wizard, that hosts quite a spectacle of ultra high class croquet. But behind the scenes, he is an officiating judge in the World of Wizarding Tennis.

Wendolyn West is a potent witch, and regular attendee of wizard league tennis. She uses a rare magic known as recyclmancy to reuse her energies to replicate tennis shots. She’s a major activist for greener energy. So when Hank Spectre approached her about how he suspected Bill Wizard was inplicated in nefarious dealings with GloboLawn, an unsavory astroturf manufacturer, the two of them hatched a plan to bring him to justice.

Wendolyn and Spectre would join concurrent tournaments at Bill Wizard’s Estate, and while Spectre kept Bill Wizard busy, Wendolyn would sneak in and steal some important files from Bill Wizards office.

wendycardUnfortunately for Wendolyn, Bill Wizard was implicated in more than GloboLawn, he was a member of the Pall Mall. As she snooped she uncovered more and more information, the doors locked, the room filled with gas, and the next thing she knew she was waking up in an underground croquet bunker. If she wants to return to her world of tennis, she’ll have to trade her racquet for a mallet in Killer Croquet.

alakaSLAM is a fantastic Wizarding Tennis Microgame. Players use magic rune cards to influence the trajectory of a ball and enchant it to be harder to hit. Wendolyn has a unique ability that allows her to cycle through more of those rune cards. In Killer Croquet she maintains that ability, by being able to reuse cards in the discard pile.

Recyclemancy:When you draw for a Collision, once per turn, you may use the top card of the discard pile instead of drawing a new one.

This means that once per turn, when it really counts, Wendolyn has the possibility of knowing whether or not she’ll hit an important target and which direction the ball will go in. This will make her a formidable foe on the lawn of Killer Croquet.


alaKASLAM is a game by Don Mitchell and Eye4Games, they’ve made quite a few clever games, and have truly spectacular themes. If you get the chance to help them out with a future Kickstarter, I cannot recommend them enough.


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