Marianna Malletrov’s Mallet: The Soviet Prototype


Marianna Maletrov represents the heyday of the Soviet Union, and while the iconic “hammer of the people” used in Soviet Iconography plays a part in her backstory, Maletrov’s mallet would represent the soviets improving upon the design, generating a mallet designed to maximize practical use. A combination of wood and Russian Steel, the Soviet Prototype mallet is balanced, flexible, and durable. As a ex-super spy on the run, this stolen malletĀ is the only thing Maletrov has had to depend on, both on the croquet lawn, and in the Croquet Underground.

morotMarianna Maletrov’s ability “Flexible Finesse” is like Hank Spectre’s ability in that it is more representative of her abilities as a Croquet Player, as opposed to her combat prowess (that comes with the wacky wicket miniexpansion). Flexible Finesse allows Maletrov a certain dependability that all other players lack, allowing her to reduce any distance roll by one (minimum 1). While this allows her to avoid penalties from overshooting targets, it also allows her an almost assured chance to roll a “1” on the “Softly” die. The “Softly” Die has 1’s on three sides, 2’s on two sides, and one “3”. More important than “big hits” in Killer Croquet is the ability to line yourself up with a variety of targets, and the ability to knock your ball exactly one space can be quite useful in a variety of situations. Like anyone with super spy training, Marianna sets herself up from afar and then swoops in when the time is right.


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