Board Game CrossOver: Belle of the Ball

The fancy schmancy Island of Ludobel is filled with whimsical character’s who love nothing more than a good party. Except of course, throwing a better party than anyone else. This of course means merriment, charm, and occasionally a little croquet. This has of course attracted the attention of the Pall Mall, with agents infiltrating the 12 counties of the island.

As Party Hosts vie for the honor of throwing the best and most influential party, there is a wildcard character that throws mirth, mischief, and mayhem into their plans. They call her the Belle of the Ball.


Though the Belle of the Ball grew up in Anglebottom, truly, she has no allegiance and delights in the chaos she causes for the proper party folk of Ludobel . . . until her antics ran across the Pall Mall. And on the morning following Carnivale, she vanished!


Belle of the Ball is the first of our Board Game Cross Over Promo Cards. The fancy schmancy Belle of the Ball has been kidnapped, and if she wishes no harm upon the people of the island of Ludobel, she must participate in a game of Killer Croquet!

If you weren’t lucky enough to get Belle of the Ball during the Kickstarter, you can preorder it here!

The Belle promo card comes with the Croquet Professional Tier of Killer Croquet, and replaces Thor with the Yellow Ball. Though kidnapped and forced to play the fanciest bloodsport, Belle of Ball retains her regal stature and chaotic nature. The Belle has the ability:

Perfect Partygoer: If a player within two spaces of Belle takes damage, she may immediately move that player to her space.

The goal of Belle of the Ball is to get certain Party Goers into your tableau, and her special ability hear reflects that. Additionally, player might want to think twice about committing violence in sight of the Belle, lest she claim a point for herself, or simply run off with the lead.

Daniel Solis is a fantastic game designer and an all around cool dude. He designed Belle of the Ball and designs a wide variety of supremely elegant card games. If you get the chance, anything that he’s designed, needs to be in your collection. Personally, I go nuts over his game Suspense! A huge thanks to Daniel for letting me run this little crossover.

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