Mahue Malea’s Mallet: The Godslayer

mmiconMahue Malea is the Princess of a Warrior Woman Culture that has honed the Croquet into a martial art, and she uses the fabled mallet her ancestors passed down as a mark of leadership, supposedly this mallet struck down a god from the Aztec Pantheon.

The head of the hammer is indicative of the Aztec / Mayan doomsday calendars that has so possessed the public imagination. It has quite a heft to it, and the shaft is a flexible wood that can be strung up like a bow, the heavy base allows Mahue to fire incredibly heavy stone arrows.



Mahue’s special ability is two fold. Firstly, on an attack where she draws the “Headshot” collision card, she deals additional damage, letting players know when their time is “up”, but she also has the ability to use her roquet token to fire one of those unerring stone arrows at a player up to 3 spaces away. Giving her the only ranged attack among the base characters, as well as the only sure source of damage. Mahue can really lay down some heat, and use her arrows to pick off opponents that are low on health.

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