Board Game Cross Over: Los Cthluchadores

Video image.In the darkest recesses of ancient Mexico there have always lurked elder gods and things beyond the understanding of mankind. Through to modern day, those aberrant horrors have duked it out in the wrestling ring for control of their acolytes. The matches draw quite a crowd of insane cultists, and the interest in these. . . Cthluchador matches has not escaped the notice of certain interested parties.

cuervacardIncomprehensible Cuervo was a legend, a dead god among dead gods. Dread Queen of the Ring, bubbling up to the top of the ooze pit of competition and laying the smack down on all newcomers. She relished the challenge, but once at the top, she felt a languishing in her beaked-tentacles. There was no new mountain of wrestlers for her to strive to conquer. But then she heard of a sport where violence was sprinkled between a game with mallets and gibbous rules. The Pall Mall had sensed her intent, and  Incomprehensible Cuervo was summoned to the croquet lawn. Where the Pall Mall offered so many wealth, power, or freedom, Incomprehensible Cuervo desires only an unending stream of worthy and desperate foes.

Croquet certainly seems to be the popular sport among retiree’s these days.

Los Cthuluchadores is a hilarious game with several novel elements, there’s tactical play, rock paper scissors, and a party “make the opponent laugh” mechanic. Designed as a co-project between Bob Kelly and Aerjen Tamminga, two fine fellows with particularly good heads on their shoulders for games. They have a few other games in their chute before returning to Los Cthuluchadores, but it’s such a fantastic theme, I needed to have a Cthuluchador playing in my violent Croquet Bloodsport.

Unspeakable Slam: Spend an action to choose an opponent exactly 3 or 4 spaces away, move your player piece to the opponent and make an attack.

A big part of Los Cthuluchadores is being very aware of positioning and when to strike, so we maintained that type of tension in Incomprehensible Cuerva’s special ability. Combing a move and an attack action is potent, but because he needs a running start, he has to be very aware of how he moves his ball around the field.

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