Board Game Cross Over: Ore the Mining Game

The earth contains a great many secrets, and, for some, it contains a great deal of profit. Mining companies crisscross every county and country seeking the wealth that comes from the underground.

Every mining company needs miners, and Orin Rockwell is one of the best. He grew up a coal miner in West Virginia, and coal mining is the lifeblood of Appalachia and the town where Orin grew up wasn’t anything more than a company mining compound.

Until one year, the companies decided it was easier to blow up the tops of mountains with explosives and get right at the ore seams directly.

The process needed half the employees, and suddenly Orin found himself a lot more lonely operating much bigger machinery. He watched the town dry up, watched the water supply get poisoned, and then in an onsite accident that destabilized the rock-shelf, the whole town was wiped off the map in a landslide.

orinHaving lost everything, Orin decided to travel away from the rural South in hopes that Europe would have more sustainable mining practices. He didn’t speak the languages, but they  could tell from the hammer in his hand and the glint in his eye that he meant to work.

He found himself in Ukraine and on one of the largest gold mining operations in the world. Their tunnel systems were so extensive that they had run into so archaic soviet tunnel systems, and Orin was brought in to make sure they were stable and secure.

They weren’t.

After testing some of the deeper passageways with his his hammer, the floor beneath Orin gave out and he fell through into a cavern below while the passageway above him collapsed. When Orin came to, he felt a soft astroturf on his face, and an unusual gentleman with an unsavory grin and a contract. Let’s hope our miner can play croquet.

Orin Rockwell is our latest addition to the contestants of Killer Croquet, where they must play a violent Croquet bloodsport in an old Underground Soviet Croquet Bunker. Orin comes from an Indie Game still in production called “Ore: The Mining Game”, where players control mining companies delving mines fro various riches. It’s very clever worker placement resource management game designed by Joseph W. McClintock and
Jason Lyle Steingisser. As a worker and a miner, Orin Rockwell’s ability reflects his propensity to get his hands dirty.

Contract Work: Spend an action to move a wicket on an adjacent space into an empty space adjacent to that wicket.

Orin is given a particularly unusual and powerful ability.  Very quickly  he is able to modify the course, putting himself on line with a wicket, while possible shifting his opponents off course. At first glance this might make Orin a little too powerful, but spending an action to move the wicket means if he abuses his power to much, he’ll be a prime target for violence.

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