Killer Croquet Review: The League of Nonsense

Our latest review came in from The League of Nonsensical Gamers. Check out their article here and see some of the great things they have to say about Killer Croquet!

  • Killer Croquet is a relatively uncomplicated game that hits all of the notes suggested by the title. Providing a robust round of croquet interspersed with instances of deathmatch-level infighting, you’ll need to strategize between actually finishing the course and racking up the kills to inflate your score.
  • With traps and perils aplenty to customize the course itself, you’ll never be playing the same game twice!
  • The game does work well, as the dice rolling and collision deck are easy to understand. Short set-up  and play time are a boon for Killer Croquet.
  • The gameplay captures the spirit/rules of traditional croquet very well while the “bash your friends head in with a mallet” mechanics add a welcome level of player interaction to a sport that is typically devoid of such thing (tea, old chap?)
  • Overall, Killer Croquet is a light weight romp through the wickets; a mechanically sound game with an eccentric theme that is refreshing in a time where futuristic football games seem to dominate the sports genre.
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