Supporter Suggestion: Spinner

hammerA Killer Croquet Supporter and fellow game designer took a look at the dice mechanics and decided to see if some cool fabrication could add a little more zaniness to the game. He took one look at the theme and thought players ought to really be able to “hit” their balls.

Thus a spinner became a clever choice, complete with a miniature mallet. The spinner he designed is actually quite clever, complete with three points of articulation. The direction pointer, the red ring, and the blue ring.

The red and blue ring are separate so that the wicked hard hit changes and does not remain static. Having a spinner would also free up extra space on the collision cards by combining the dice components and trajectory mechanic.

Which could allow for some other clever mechanics that could reach into the other parts of the game.

It’s not something that made it to my original quote, so should Killer Croquet be funded, I don’t believe it will become a standard part of the game, but that’s not going to stop me from trying it out and playtesting it a little bit.

If you have a prototype copy, try mocking up a spinner and giving it a try, I’d love to hear what you think!

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