Wicket Wrap Up

With a few hours left in the Kickstarter, I want to thank everyone again for their help and support to get me this far. We will take the lessons we’ve learned, and help make our next projects all the better.

We’ve received a lot of great feedback from folks, and I want to encourage that. If you some feedback feel free to fill out our brief exit survey or post on ourFacebook Page. Feel free to address any questions you may have there as well.

If you’re interested in being notified about a relaunch of Killer Croquet, keep a weather eye out at our blog: http://www.killercroquet.wordpress.com/

We’ll be updating the Print and Play files with a new updated hi-res rulebook, and updating higher grade images. If you’re interested in making your own prototype you can check out this linkhere: http://www.killercroquet.wordpress.com/print-and-play.

It’s hard to say when and how Killer Croquet will return. Some creative design decisions can bring the cost of the game down, approaching certain Kickstarter professionals can get this game in front of more people, and the backstory can be fleshed out more with more engaging artwork and media. I’m excited for the future of Killer Croquet, who can say how it might shake out in the end, I can only promise to give it my best effort.

Also Ponies.

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