Want to get in touch with the designer? He can be reached at:
E-mail: theauthorm@gmail.com.
Twitter: @theauthorm
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/killercroquet

InkbrookinkbrooklogoalphaKiller Croquet is a fast paced strategic board game, halfway between a pleasant afternoon brunch picnic and a no holds barred bloodsport.Boxart2Six of the worlds best croquet players have been kidnapped by a Shadow Organization called the Pall Mall. The victims will play Croquet for the highest stakes: their lives. Throw an ex soviet super spy, a time traveling steampunk cyborg, and the Norse God of Thunder onto a blood soaked croquet lawn and you’re in for the spectacle of a lifetime.

To play, you pass your ball through a series of wickets to get poison. Once you get poison you can knock out other players’ balls or complete the course backwards. Meanwhile, you can also choose to thwack your opponents with your mallets or a well aimed croquet ball. First player to complete the course, score 8 points, or be the last player still standing with a ball wins.


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