The contestants of Killer Croquet.

hsiconHank Specter

The Best of the Best in the world croquet circuit, he challenged the Devil himself to a game of Croquet and won, but at a terrible cost. Spurned from both heaven and hell, he wanders the lawn, his soul bound to his croquet mallet. At the request of the U.S. Government, he works special assignments that relate to Croquet, including infiltrating the shadow organization, Pall Mall


maltroviconMarianna Maletrov

Only survivor of the Soviet “Mallet and Sickle” program that turned children into croquet playing super spies. She was defeated  by a young Hank Specter in the Winter Olympic Croquet Match known to many as the “Miracle on Grass”. For her loss the soviets tried to have her assassinated, but she escaped with an experimental mallet prototype that she uses as a mercenary for hire.


Hitoru Wakanabe

Lead man for Japan’s Sport Science Team, Hitoru defends Tokyo from giant monsters. When he raises his mallet to the sky and becomes the 100ft tall Kouzuichi Whackaman and does battle with the threat du jour. Having defeated his nemesis Dr. Wicketachi, Hitoru was all set for a nice vacation, only to find his girlfriend, Paulina, kidnapped by the mysterious western organization called the Pall Mall.


Princess Mahue Malea

Princess of a croquet playing, warrior woman culture hidden deep in the Patagonian mountain range. Descendant of a would-be human sacrifice who challenged the Gods to a game and won. The Pall Mall has issued threats to the Mahue, that should she not participate in this tournament the world would be made keenly aware of her city and the vast riches that lie beneath it.


thoriconThor Odinson:

The Norse God of Thunder, participates in this tournament as a mortal at the request of Odin. The shadow organization known as the Pall Mall, has unearthed an artifact of great power, but the Gods are unable to locate it. Thor is an envoy to learn as much as he can, but will not refuse a challenge. He uses his mighty hammer Mjolnir as a Croquet Mallet, duct taped to a broom handle. He suspects another Asgardian may be in league with the Pall Mall.

thoriconGalita 9000:
In a future ruled by the Pall Mall, Galita and her sister fought to resist the bloodsport known as Killer Croquet. Crippled from an early age, Galita used her immense knowledge to build herself cybernetic prosthetics and a time machine out of an old delorean. She travels from time to time seeking to undo the Pall Mall in the past. She also has a bow tie, because bow ties are cool.


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