How to Play

To read the full rule book, click here.


The Board is Set up with wickets and poles. Each player is given a character and a ball. They also start on the first wicket, with 5 hit points, and 0 points, each marked on their score

Goal: To be the last character standing, with a ball. Or complete the croquet course. To knock out balls, you need to send your ball through the wickets in the correct order to receive “poison”. To complete the course, you must get “poison” and then go through the wickets backwards to the starting pole.

Actions: On your turn you can move once and hit once.

Move: You can move to your ball or move two spaces.

Hit: You may hit your ball, hit another player, or another players ball, if your character piece is on the same square as the target.

Hit your ball: Choose a direction and strength. You can hit it softly (blue die), fairly (red die), wicked hard (both dice), or tap it (just roll for collisions). Roll the chosen dice, then move the ball in the chosen direction  exactly the number of spaces rolled. When the ball enters a space with other pieces in it roll for collisions.

Hit a Player: Roll the collision die, if you roll a success, that player loses 2 hit points.

Hit another player’s Ball: You may hit another player’s ball only if you are the only player on that space. You may not score a roquet, pass a wicket(or pole), or gain poison with another players ball. Benefits from poison only occur when you hit your own ball.


When a ball enters a space with other pieces in it, you roll to see if it collides with any other pieces. You roll for each piece, only the last roll that collides effects the trajectory of the ball.

If you hit a ball with your ball on your turn, you score a roquet (extra 2 actions)

If you hit a player with your ball, they lose a hit point.

If you successfully Pass a Wicket, you score a roquet.

Passing a Wicket:

To get poison, you must pass the wickets in sequential order in the correct direction, you can keep track on your scorecard. To pass a wicket, on your turn, your ball must enter a space containing a wicket from one of the indicated directions, and then you must roll a pass on the collision die. You may only pass the wicket you are currently on. When you successfully pass a wicket, you score a roquet.

After you have passed every wicket, you can strike the ending pole to gain poison, flip your ball over to indicate poison. If you have poison you can complete the course by passing each wicket in descending order in the opposite direction.

Poison and Winning the Game:

When you get poison, you score a point.

If you have poison, and your ball collides with an opposing ball, the opposing ball is discarded and you score a point.

If you have poison, you may pass your ball through the wickets in the reverse order and direction, when you do you score 5 points and the game ends.

The Game ends when one player completes the course forwards and backwards, scores 8 points, or is the only standing player with a ball.

When the game ends, the player with the most points wins.


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