Print and Play

Want to try Killer Croquet, today? Here you’ll find instructions and files for everything you’ll need to create your own prototype copy of Killer Croquet.

Please keep in mind these are free prototype print and play files, and do not represent final artwork or graphic design.

The files you need are listed here, and again when they are called for in the instructions:

Boxart2The Rulebook [Download]
These rules are setup to print on 8.5″x11″ sheet and then folded in half, you can also print this file for a full page rulebook.

boardbboardaThe Board [Download]
To create the board you can print this file, and tape the two pieces together.  A savvy crafts person might mount the board on sturdier cardstock.


The Carcardcds[Download]
Print this file . Cut out the cards and slip them into a card sleeve with another card behind it.

diceThe Dice [Download]
This game requires two dice with sides [1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3] and [1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8]. You can print this file and mount them on any six sided dice, or simply sharpie a wooden cube. They are included on the Piece Sheet

ballThe Balls 
You need six ball tokens, one for each player/color. They are included on the Piece Sheet, but I find it more convenient to use any small colored item. Beads, buttons, or tokens from other games work.

playerpieceThe Players [Download]
These are included on the Piece Sheet, there are two options, a design for if you have player stands, and player markers if you do not.

markerScore Markers 
These are included on the Piece Sheet to keep track of victory points and wickets on the side of the board. However, these pieces are just for record keeping, and it is just as convenient to keep track with a pencil and paper.

Health Tracker [Download]
You can use a paper clip to track your health along the edge of your character card.

wicketWicket Tokens[Download]
These are included on the Piece Sheet and can be mounted on card stock.


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